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We manufacture & export Variable AutoTransformers (colloquially known as Variac)

Radiotone High Current Air Cooled (Single Phase) Variable Autotransformer

  • Easy to maintain & service
  • Preferred for safety reasons over oil cooled
  • Models : 100A /200A /400A /600A /800A /1200A
  • Input/output is provided on tinned copper bus bar.

Radiotone High Current Air Cooled (Three Phase ) Variable Autotransformer

  • Open type / Enclosed type, motorized
  • ON LINE correction / balancing of individual phases
  • Models : 160A /200A /240A /300A /400A /600A /800A /1200A

Radiotone Oil Cooled Variable Autotransformer

  • Range : 100A 3 Phase to 1200A 3 Phase
  • Motorized with geared mechanism
  • Common/Individual phase voltage raise/lower
  • Our standard coils are 100 Amp, 150 Amp, 200 Amp.

Radiotone AC Power Source

  • Used for testing high voltage high power motors & switch gears
  • Custom made Normal / Regulated type
  • This is useful for equalizing phase voltage during testing.

Radiotone 0.5 A, 0.75 A, 1.2 A Single Layer Variable Autotransformer

  • Very small size
  • Use of Roller brushes for smooth operation
  • 400 Hz Model also available
  • All the models are coated for physical protection as shown in the picture.

Radiotone Three Phase Enclosed Variable Autotransformer

  • Models : 2A /4A /6A /8A /12A /15A /20A /23A /28A /35A
  • MCB, Indicators, switch gear provided as required
  • can also be motorized with Raise/Lower push buttons

Radiotone Single Layer Roller Contact Vertical Variable Autotransformer

  • 60A, Single/Three Phase Air cooled
  • 100A, Single/Two/Three Phase Oil cooled
  • Can give +/- type output
  • For large current ratings these columns can be paralleled.

Radiotone Double Wound Isolated Open Type Variable Autotransformer

  • 2.5 KV isolation between primary & variable secondary
  • Table top models also available
  • Ideally suited for Test benches
  • Range tailor made

Radiotone Double Wound Isolated Enclosed Type Variable Autotransformer

  • Can be provided with Ammeter/Voltmeter
  • ideally suited for Test benches for sensitive electronic equipment
  • Models : 0-230v, 4A, 6A, 8A, 15A
  • It can also be provided with Ammeter/Voltmeter.

Radiotone Single Phase Variable Autotransformer

  • Models : 2 A to 75 A
  • Tailor made to suite requirements
  • Designed for heavy duty continuous use
  • For Models above 40 Amp, we use side wiping contacts.

Radiotone Single Phase Enclosed Type Variable Autotransformer

  • Ideally suitable on a Test bench
  • provided with digital voltmeter & 0-20A Ammeter
  • Models : 4A /6A /8A /10A /12A /15A /20A
  • It is provided with digital voltmeter and 0-20A Ammeter.

Radiotone Double Layer Variable Autotransformer

  • Pioneers in India for this product
  • Standard / Tailor made voltage range
  • Combines functions of Variauto & Buck Boost Transformer
  • It is advisable to use a MCB at I/P.

Radiotone Variable Autotransformer with Built in DC Motor

  • 2A to 15A, Single layer / Double layer
  • Roller brushes used for smooth operation
  • Ideal for Export equipment due to size & weight reduction
  • Very compact, with no assembly

Radiotone Special Roller Carbon Brush Variable Autotransformer

  • Use of Roller brushes for smooth operation
  • Models for Air cooled : 2A /4A /8A /10A
  • Models for Oil cooled : 15A /20A /28A
  • it is very very smooth & effortless.
  • It also ensures longer life.

Radiotone Toroidal Transformer

  • Silent in operation, compact size, less weight
  • Suitable for 24/7/365 operation
  • Very low no-load losses
  • Capacity 50VA to 12 KVA
  • Capacity up to 30 KVA

Radiotone Oil cooled Variable Autotransformer (Open Construction)

  • Single phase open construction
  • No heating of coils at no load for 24/7
  • Useful for oil cooled applications
  • Models : 200A /250A /300A
  • They are useful for oil cooled applications

Radiotone Double Layer Roller Contact Vertical Variable Autotransformer

  • Three Phase, 45 KVL DL / 65 KVL DL
  • Used in Servo Stabilizers
  • Eliminates need of 3 buck boost transformers
  • It can also be used for unbalanced load conditions up to a certain extent.

Radiotone Variable Inductors / Chokes

  • Single phase / 3 phase
  • Useful for Engg. College labs & Test laboratories
  • Radiotone Variable Inductors /Chokes is a new concept & can be used in power factor correction panels for adjusting the Inductance value.