Radiotone AC Power Source

Radiotone AC Power Source is a tailor-made product used mainly for Testing High Voltage High Power Motors & Switch gears.

A typical example would be Input 415V and Output variable from 0 – 690V @120A.Radiotone AC Power Source comprises of appropriately rated 3 phase motorized variable transformer with phasewise step-up transformers. It has a facility to increase/decrease simultaneously for all 3 phases or for individual phases. This is useful for equalizing phase voltage during testing. It has a single phasing preventer,MCCB, zero start, phase sequence error indicator, with a tower lamp.

We have manufactured and supplied Radiotone AC Power Source units to UL India, Bangalore, & Siemens.

Radiotone AC Regulated Power Source

Radiotone AC Regulated Power Source provides regulated AC voltage.

This has a settable voltmeter on which the customer can set the voltage & the motorized assembly with electronic controller brings the variable autotransformer (collequally known as variac) position to that Set voltage, ON Load. A zero start is provided so that the unit does not function till the variable autotransformer settles to zero voltage position.

We have manufactured & supplied such units to UL India Bangalore for their testing set up