RADIO ELECTRIC PVT. LTD.   Our Product Range------- 1) Single Layer Variac  2) Double Layer Variac  3) Isolated Double Wound (DW) Variac  4) Roller Contact Vertical Variac   5) Torroidal Transformer   6) Double Layer Roller Contact Vertical Variac


Custom Made Variacs
OEM Customers often require Variacs which are specific to their applications, which are not part of standard product lines. If you require such a Variac, please do contact us & it would be pleasure to develop new & useful design. We can also manufacture according to your design.

Harmonic  Filters
Power Industry is continuously being worried about Harmonics causing lot of problems. This harmonic Filter choke is manufactured using Cu strip wound edgewise thus making its size compact. It also reduces its weight by less quantity of CRGO core. It can be Tailormade as per customer designs. Present models under development are 35 A.

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