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Double Wound Isolated Variable Transformer

Double Wound Isolated Variable Transformers

Engineers, Scientists, Technicians working in laboratories on sensitive equipments have a need for Isolated mains supply, with a variable output Voltage. This facilitates them in testing various devices demanding different voltages & currents. It is also an Electrical Engg. practice to test devices by applying steadily increasing voltage from 0 V to the device rated voltage. To achieve the above objective, it is normal practice to use a Variauto followed by a 1: 1 Isolation transformer or vice versa as shown in figure 1. This combination becomes very bulky (heavy) with two separate transformers, wiring or a combined bulky box. occupying much of test test bench space. This is more so as the current rating or VA increasing. It looses its mobility.

Radio Electric has solved this problem by designing a "Double Wound Isolated Variable Transformer". This elegant & compact arrangement uses only ONE Transformer on a Single torroidal Core. This provides 2.5 kv Isolation between prim & sec, prim & body with a Variable Output Voltage from 0V to the required voltage. Various models are as Illustrated in table 1.This concept can also be used very effectively in DC power supplies with

Variable output (eg. Input 230V / 110 V, Output 0 to 25 V, 5A or 0 to 15V, 8 Amp. etc.). We also manufacture in table-top models with various types of input/output sockets (Shuko / Dual type / Round type, etc.) as required.



Radiotone  DW  Isolated  Variable Transformer

I/P 125 V, 60 Hz supply voltage & output Variable from 0 to 150 V



Max. Power (Amp/Watts)

Radiotone DWIsoVariac 1.5 A

1.5 Amp/225 W

Radiotone DWIsoVariac 3.0 A

3.0 Amp/450 W

Radiotone DWIsoVariac 6.0

6.0 Amp/900 W

Radiotone DWIsoVariac 12

12.0 Amp/1800 W

Radiotone DWIsoVariac 20

20.0 Amp/3000 W

Radiotone DWIsoVariac30

30.0 Amp/4500 W

I/P 230 V, 50 Hz Output   0-260V

Max. Power (Amp/Watts)

Radiotone DWIsoVariac

2.0 Amp

Radiotone DWIsoVariac

4.0 Amp

Radiotone DWIsoVariac

8.0 Amp

Radiotone DWIsoVariac

15.0 Amp

Radiotone DWIsoVariac

20.0 Amp


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